Woman who had sex with a Pitt Bull says she did it for Boyfriend

Jenna Louise Driscoll has pleaded guilty to three counts of bestiality charges after a prolonged trial at Brisbane District Court. She was remanded in prison custody and sentenced on Nov., 21.

Jenna Louise Driscoll charged with drug trafficking and three counts of bestiality, Brisbane Watchhouse, Queensland, Australia - 29 Oct 2014

Image: Jenna Louise Driscoll

The 27-year-old admitted having sex with her dog while recording it on video. She says the crime was committed on her boyfriend’s request, adding that she accepted in order to please him.

During her trial, Driscoll told the court that she was encouraged by her ex-boyfriend to make the sex video, saying he needed them so bad.

Unfortunately for the young woman, she was arrested for a crime, and during investigations, police discovered the animal sex video on her phone.

She confessed that her first sex video with the pitt bull was recorded by her ex-boyfriend who was present at the time.

The psycho partner later traveled and requested for more of those dirty video clips, and she obliged. More than one sex video was unearthed from her phone, according to a report from The Sun.

Dzenita Balic, the Crown Judge, said in an official statement: “She was willing to do that.

“There is some evidence to indicate the animal was hiding,” she said, citing text messages which proved that the abused animal went into hiding [under the bed] after being forced to have sex.

She was quoted as telling Tristan [her ex-partner]: “What’s wrong with me?

“I can’t get it to have sex with me.”

Between January and April 2014, Driscoll was said to have had sex with the animal more than three times. Tristan gets aroused by watching her engage in sex acts with the dog.

The 27-year-old was a drug dealer for a period of eight months before she was busted.

She was alleged to have also bitten a child in public.