Woman survives ISIS terror in Aleppo but has this horrific tale to tell

An Aleppo woman who survived captivity during the terrorists’ leadership has told a heartbreaking story of the evils done by ISIS. The traumatized woman spoke in Arabic with Russia’s state-owned news outlet Sputnik, saying her life was made a living hell.

Woman Aleppo

The unnamed survivor had her partially burnt face covered with a handkerchief while she testified that the reign of terror was rooted in rape, child abuse, child marriages and unlawful executions.

‘If a woman was going to marry a man who did not belong to a terrorist organization, she was beaten, put in a pit or prison, she could get stoned in a public square or executed by beheading,’ she said.

She told the news outlet that Aleppo’s terrorist leaders were always quick to condemn any accused person to death. They would take the alleged offender – male or female – to a seven-storey building which is located at the city center, and throw the person down.

Anyone who has been accused of a crime suffers this painful death; if they survive the first fall, they must be taken up again and thrown off the roof top until they’re confirmed dead.

Image shows “Before” and “After” pictures of Aleppo.

Sometimes, a condemned person is stoned to death if they survive falling from the seven-storey building.

Talking about the violence women suffered in the hands of ISIS fighters, she said those heartless militants would quickly arrange for a Muslim wedding known as “nikkah”, once they pick interest in any girl. Immediately after the exploitative religious rites are observed, the girl becomes theirs to be objectified.

Worse still, the child brides [in most cases] are kicked out after a few hours or abandoned.

“Two of my friends were affected like that. With one friend the terrorist spent just half an hour, then he kicked her out and she became pregnant. A child was born, whose father is some kind of a militant. Everyone knows where the child came from, but she cannot work to feed the child so how can she live then?” she asked sorrowfully.

The terror survivor continued in her spine-tingling story: “We were living, working, eating and were thrown into custody.

“There is no law among the militants. We were intimidated.

“A car full of militants would drive in the streets and one of them would be holding a woman’s head by her hair. They would do that to intimidate people.”

She also told the painful story of how her husband was executed by ISIS and his corpse returned with some parts missing.

In her words: “My husband was killed, he was shot in the head. His body was taken to Turkey where they pulled out all of his organs and returned the body to me. It lay rolled up in a bag because there was nothing left to it. The body was sewn up like a sack.”

She regretted losing her son to ISIS, pointing out that he was forcefully taken away after the militants claimed he belongs to them and not the mother. She also revealed that her young nephew was whisked away by the terrorists.

The Aleppo woman said she hasn’t seen her son in the past two years.

“They have no heart, no compassion for women. They refused to treat us medically. A gas tank exploded in my house and I was burnt. I went to the doctor and he said he could not examine me, it is a sin.

“How is it a sin? God created humans what is shameful about that?,” she questioned her interviewers.

Woman in Aleppo shows her burnt hands

“Look at my hands and my whole body is covered in burns because they were healing without treatment. My hands look like this because of terrorism. I’m 21, I hope to live and raise a family but I am so disfigured. Sorry, I have no words,” she said with tears.

Aleppo was overtaken by the Syrian army late in December, and at that time, Father Mtanios Haddad, archimandrite of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church, told Sputnik: “Aleppo, the commercial and industrial heart of the country prior to the war, ‘did not fall’

“The city has once again become part of the Syrian state thanks to countless sacrifices that our army had to make. The Syrian Arab Army paid for Aleppo’s liberation with blood and suffering.”

A report from the the Russian Defense Ministry dated 16 December confirmed that Aleppo was under full government control, adding that Syrian army was charging towards the eastern districts.

The Russian ministry also announced a peace deal which provided civilians and militants with a chance to leave the city while the government forces battle the die-hard terrorists.

Late last December, a draft resolution was adopted by the United Nations’s Security Council to handle evacuations in Aleppo following proposals from the Russian and French governments.

Woman in Aleppo

Father Haddad expressed gratitude to the Russian government for its invaluable contributions in the war against terror.

He said: “I would like to thank Russia for Hmeymim which has become not only a military, but also a peacekeeping base, a base that reunifies the Syrian people.

“Russia understood the danger of terrorism and came to the assistance of the legitimate government and the people who have been infected with the virus of terrorism.”

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