Woman Killed Husband, Told Friends, And No One Believed Her For 18 Years.

How could a woman kill her husband and no one believed she did for 18 years? It’s a crazy world!

Leigh Ann Sabine (left) and her husband John

Image shows Leigh Ann Sabine and husband who she murdered in secret for 18 years.

One British woman named Leigh Ann Sabine beat her husband to death with a stone frog and told her fiends that she killed her husband but they didn’t believe her. 18 years passed before the remains was found and she died at 74 battling cancer.

Isn’t that weird?

It wasn’t until the murderer Leigh Ann Sabine died 18 years later that friends realized she told the truth. She had killed the man and tossed his corpse in the backyard leaving it to rot.

Her husband named John was still wearing his Marks & Spencer pyjamas when found. His remains was discovered by one of Sabine’s friends who opened the wrapping. There and then, they saw something that looked like a medical skeleton, reports said.

The dead man’s body was mummified after many years passed, according to police report.

It was during a police search on Sabine’s property after her death that the authorities discovered her husband’s remains.

An online report says the heartless lady battered her husband to death with a stone frog and wrapped his body in more than 40 layers of plastic, roofing felt and shopping bags before hiding it at her flat.

John Sabine was last seen alive in 1997 at their home in Wales.

Over the years, Sabine has been collecting the man’s pension funds and paying them in their joint account. She had also hinted her friends about the skeleton which she told them, could have been real. But no one believed her. They thought she was a joker.

According to the Guardian, “DCI Gareth Morgan told an inquest in Aberdare that DNA analysis confirmed the body was his. Morgan said: ‘It is my view that Leigh Sabine probably killed John Sabine and wrapped up his body. There was no evidence to suggest anyone else knew of his death.’

“A postmortem carried out by forensic pathologist Dr Richard Jones found the cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head. He said the heavy stone frog – which the couple had kept by their bed – had a protruding eye and hind leg that lined up with the fractures.”

Another report said Sabine and John got married in 1960. The couple first lived in southwest England, but later disappeared after John allegedly defrauded his company.

“Prior to their disappearance we saw John burning lots of A4 papers in the garden and after the Easter a detective told me that it was sure to have been papers relating to his frauds,” one neighbor told the Bristol Post.

The couple seem to have complemented each other in deeds as they reportedly abandoned their children who were at a nursery in 1969.

First, they escaped to New Zealand, but later returned to Britain before disappearing to New Zealand again as a childless couple. They spent over a decade there.

In the 1980s, they had a change of heart and decided to contact their children. Feeling revenge, their two daughters called cops on them, so the couple fled to South Wales.

In 1997, John disappeared and it was in the same year that Leigh began joking to friends about murdering her long-time lover.

Image: The stone frog used that killed John.

She made claims of killing her husband with a stone frog but nobody would believe her story. It’s yet to be understood why none of the said friends called the police to investigate the confession.

Rather the confessions was turned into a joke with people saying, “watch out or I will frog you!” They probably thought she had mental issues.

A report said, “she even told her neighbors about the supposed skeleton in her backyard. It was wrapped in layers of tin foil, old bags and roofing — but everyone assumed it was a fake skeleton, a medical prop.”

Funny as it could get, after Leigh died of brain cancer, one of the neighbors who discovered the remains took it out for games but called the police after realizing it was real.

Aren’t they a bunch of aliens?

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