Woman Accused Of Enjoying Sexual Harassment In Public.

It’s been said that rape is rape whether the victim asked for it by way of dressing provocatively or by simple not saying no with action. The blame goes to the man who in the first place, should have self control.

In this photo posted online, a man was seen caressing a woman’s thigh in public. The incident reportedly occurred in the Subway Line 2 of Chengdu city, southwest China’s Sichuan province.

The one who uploaded the photo online said that the woman was apparently embarrassed but failed to take action, even in a public place. The harassment continued until someone angrily observing what was going on decided to change seats with the lady who was pleased to leave.

That brought an end to the assault from a seemingly psycho on the train.

The photo quickly got went viral on the social media especially, on China’s microblogging platform Weibo.

Sexual harassment on public transportation has always been a plague in China. Reports and videos have shown men groping young girls and women on buses.

In some incidents, the psychos masturbate on their victims – right there with everyone watching.

While many people got enraged towards the wretched man, the topic of debate mainly lies on the victim this time.

“She could simply stand up and walk away. Why did not she?” One netizen said.

“I think she is enjoying it,” said one web user, who was strongly rebuked by many for the heartless comment.

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