Woman, 33, jailed for seducing a 13-year-old Boy

A 33-year-old woman who lured an underage boy into her apartment and forced him to have sex with her, has been jailed for the offense.

Nicola Fox, the sexual assaulter, allegedly pinned her victim to the ground, touched his breasts and undressed before climbing on top of the virgin boy. He who cried all through the traumatic experience.

Image: Ms Nicola Fox 

The Hull Crown Court heard that Ms. Fox deceived her prey by inviting him for a chat at her home.

According to a report from Hull Daily Mail, the accused person spent time some with her guest but when he tried to leave, she dragged him onto a bed in the large room which also served as a sitting room, closed the curtains and pulled off her dress.

After an initial resistance from the youngster, she locked the door and placed a table against it to ensure he had no escape route.

Ms. Fox allegedly overpowered him; held his hands above his head and had forced sex with him.

“She pinned him down to the bed using her weight. She was touching his chest and she removed her trousers and lower clothing.” Claire Holmes, the prosecuting judge, said during court readings.

“He was clear that he didn’t want her to do this. He was telling her to stop, to get off,” Ms. Holmes added.

“He was crying at one point. Her response was to tell him to stop crying, and she said that in an annoyed and aggressive tone. He felt annoyed, upset and embarrassed.”

The unnamed victim told court he quietly went home after the incident, showered, and told no one about the horrific sexual encounter which he said lasted between 5 to 10 minutes.

Ms. Fox threatened the boy saying she’d tell people that he consented to having sex with her, if he ever reports the encounter to anyone. She also sent her messages on sexual media to drive home her point.

According to Ms. Holmes, the victim showed his attacker some respect because of her gender. He didn’t want to assault her despite the provocations.

The boy suffered psychological trauma and loss of confidence due after the incident. The report says he has been socially isolated.

Miss Holmes said: “[He] said although he tried to fight her off, he was conscious of the fact he was being assaulted by a female and he didn’t want to cause her any harm.

“He can’t think about future relationships because the thought scares him. He feels angry because this defendant has taken all of his first experiences away from him, which is something he won’t get back.”