Wife of a Chinese Christian lawyer beaten to pulp for refusing to divorce imprisoned husband

Christians in a Chinese community were told recently to pull down images of Jesus Christ on their walls and hang up portraits of President Xi Jinping, who they said, has the sole power to save every believer from poverty, sickness and diseases.

Li Aijie, a wife to one Chinese Christian lawyer who was arrested and imprisoned on trumped up charges, was ordered by her family to divorce the man but she ignored their warnings and suffered for it.

Li Aijie.jpg

Image shows Li Aijie, wife to the imprisoned lawyer

The woman is married to a human rights activist Zhang Haitao.

Zhang was incarcerated in June 2015 and has been in prison while his wife carried out campaigns for his freedom, an act which her family thinks is unnecessary, especially with the government officials pressuring the woman’s family to bring her under control.

Li’s 80-year-old mother was also threatened, and on 9 October, the young woman’s siblings confronted her with an option. She was asked to divorce her husband who is already suffering terrible shocks with prison experience.

An outright rejection of the family’s suggestion led to a brutal attack which left Zhang’s wife with a black eye and symptoms of concussion.

Her husband, the Christian lawyer, is serving a 19-year prison term for allegedly “inciting subversion of state power.”

In 2016, media confirmed Li visited the prison but was denied a chance to see her husband.

The prisoner has not been allowed to set eyes on their newborn child, a baby boy who was delivered after his arrest.

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