Why Usain Bolt Could Be An Illuminati Member.

Usain Bolt is known as the world’s best sprinter but his love for hand signs keeps him well above any other athlete with regards to speculations that he may have offered his soul to satanists. He was seen in Brazil displaying what’s alleged to be “occult symbols” that many interested analysts believe are signs of the Freemasonry.

Usain Bolt displays a number of occult hand gestures

Image: Usain Bolt

A website www.illuminatiofficial.org says:

The Illuminati is an elite organization of world leaders, business authorities, innovators, artists, and other influential members of this planet. Our coalition unites influencers of all political, religious, and geographical backgrounds to further the prosperity of the human species as a whole.

While many of our operations require anonymity for the safety of our members, we strive to create a better understanding between us and the people we have been entrusted to protect.

Ensuring the survival of over 7 billion humans is a daunting task. Our duty to this planet has spanned across centuries and survived even the most established government entities. To continue functioning throughout societal and generational changes, The Illuminati’s operations often require anonymity for both our members and our work…

Though it’s clear that members of this dreaded organization remain secretive of their allegiance, most celebrities have proudly or carelessly displayed signs that non-members believe to be those of Illuminati.

Gawker named Jay-Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, Obama, Kanye West and Lady Gaga among celebrities who are confirmed members of the global organization.

The website gave answers to these questions:

Okay. How can I tell who’s in the Illuminati?
I know this sounds counterintuitive, but prominent Illuminati members frequently flag their Illuminati connections. Like how in Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” video, there’s that goat head-shaped star formation? Or have you ever seen Jay-Z’s video for “On to the Next One“? It has a goat skull in it. Goats, bro.

Image: Usain Bolt

Goat heads are an Illuminati symbol?
Goat heads represents Baphomet, the goat-headed god beloved by 19th-century occultists. It’s not the only weird occult reference in “On to the Next One.” The creepy guy with the crow, Jay throwing devil horns, the, uh, actual Masonic symbol — all of Hov’s (that’s right: Hov) videos are filled with Illuminati and occult symbolism. So are Lady Gaga’s: that pink triangle and unicorn that you thought was some campy gay reference? Actually symbols of the immaculate conception of a new order of humanity. So are Kanye’s videos, especially “Power.”

Now can we say for sure that Usain the Jamaican legend is really one of them?

Sign of the beast: Curling the thumb to meet the index finger might be construed as a cryptic message, say some of those analysing Bolt's moves

Image: Usain Bolt

To know for sure if the world’s best sprinter is a Mason or not, one will have to hear it  directly from him in order to understand what’s behind his hand signs.

One eagle-eyed conspiracy theorist is suggesting that Bolt, 30, may have been showing off secret signs of the Masons as he completed his ‘triple triple’ sweep at the Olympic Games in Rio.

All seeing eye: Usain Bolt (pictured covering his eye ahead of race in 2011) has found his performance in Rio - including everything from the hand gestures he makes to his lane number - analysed by conspiracy theorists

Image: Usain Bolt

According to Daily Mail: “The gestures, including shushing the crowd before he races and putting his hand over one eye, could mean that he’s a member of secretive societies including the Freemasons and the Illuminati, say some.”

While it is argued that the fingers on the lips may be another way of telling the crowd or critics to be quiet, YouTuber What is Real is speculating that the track star could actually be letting secret societies know that he’s in the loop with them.

Usain Occult? The 30-year-old track star, who completed the triple triple in Rio, regularly makes the shush symbol before he starts, which YouTube user What is Real is suggesting might have a double meaning

Image: Usain Bolt

The sight of Bolt putting his palm over one of his eyes adds further evidence, What is Real suggests, saying that the action could be the ‘all-seeing eye’, a symbol favored by the elusive organisations that some believe pull the strings when it comes to world order.

The Jamaican sprinter – who has bagged three gold medals in three consecutive games for three Olympiads– is known for his “Lightning Bolt” gesture. This sign links the star to Beelzebub because of his nickname: ‘the lightening bolt’, which they say is noted in the bible to represent Satan.

Though it’s yet a mystery why the legend would choose to display all these signs in Rio, there are speculations that he knew it was his last appearance on the big stage so he bade goodbye to the sport with a confession of where his allegiance is. Honest behavior, right?

Usain has also been pictured in the past wearing a Masonic ring.

He can't stand still: Bolt makes a boxing pose after clinching gold at the 2012 Olympics in London

Image: Usain Bolt

He also held up up his hand to his eye, circling it in away that could also indicate the “eye” symbol.

Another shot shows him forming what they claim is the “sign of the beast”, joining his thumb, index finger and middle finger and separating the ring finger and little finger to form three sixes.

Usain is making the 'sign of the Beast' according to theorists

Image: Usain Bolt

And even his track number has been analysed with the commentator in the video pointing to the fact that Bolt has now won three Olympic titles while running in lane number six, which makes 666.

A YouTuber behind the What is Real video says his observations may be right although people see them as strange: ‘I’m simply identifying what’s right before us, right to our faces in pictures, in videos.

‘This is not theory, I’m not speculating and saying Usain Bolt is Illuminati.

‘But for whatever reason, for some weird, odd reason, he is displaying all the typical gestures of Masonry.’

Image shows Usain Bolt on lane 6.

Can it be that those signs have other meanings in Jamaica? Or is he passing across some messages we seem not to decode?

According to Daily Star, some netizens are arguing against any possibility of Usain being an Illuminati member.

Justin Preddie said: “Listen bro, I’m from Jamaica and those hand gestures are what some confident Jamaica men do – to boost a crowd and be boastful.”

Dash Spaceski said: “So what if he is a Freemason? Peace yo – no hate.”

But Yan Ribeiro said: “Proud of being his Brother Mason.”

The shock claims come after another conspiracy theorist argued the fueled by the “cult obsessed Nazis.”

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