Why Strippers Perform At Funerals In China.

Funerals aren’t meant to be festive as we consider it one last chance to show respect to the dead, but seeing strippers perform at burial ceremonies would make anyone wonder if life has become so meaningless. That’s the recent trend in China.

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A Chinese man Mr Jian [now deceased] requested before his death that unclad dancers should be allowed to dance provocatively around his casket, as a way of entertaining visitors who’ll be present as he goes to his maker. His choice of music track was Maroon 5’s ‘Moves Like Jagger’.

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The request he made also includes that the young erotic dancers should wear nothing except their underwear and leather knee-high boots.

All these requests were observed in Mr Jian’s burial proceedings while his grieving relatives look on.

After performing three up-tempo songs, the dead man – who was lying in his wooden coffin – was taken away for a more professional ceremony.

Image: One of the strippers walks in to the family home.

Strange as that sounds, it was a dead man’s request and nobody would dare deny him one last simple request.

Nudity is fast becoming a trend in China as strippers are now used for everything from car shows, restaurants, exhibitions and product promotions.

Reports confirm the burial ceremony attracted a large number of “mourners” who may not have had the time to attend his burial. Hope he rests in peace now.

However, Chinese authorities are applying measures to keep this ugly trend in check.

Capital FM quotes an example cited by the Ministry of Culture after another funeral in north China’s Hebei province made headlines.

“Two strippers wearing revealing clothes danced on a stage at a public square in our village at night on February 15,” an eyewitness named Zhang told the state-run Global Times newspaper.

“They first danced passionately and then took off their clothes piece by piece,” the man said. “Behind them, an electronic screen was displaying a picture of the deceased with elegiac couplets on either side.”

In another case later that month, a troupe in east China’s Jiangsu province was detained for funeral performances that drew crowds of as many as 500 local residents, according to provincial news site xichu.net.

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Such shows “disrupt the order of the rural cultural market and corrupt the social atmosphere,” China’s Ministry of Culture said.

A crowd of mourners watching the scandalous performance, which was captured this month after the Spring Festival holiday

Image shows onlookers treating themselves to the sight of unclad women at a funeral.

However, Daily Mail noted that the girls typically perform on electric flower cars that act as neon-lit stages, and offers an easy getaway if police arrive to the scene.

"They first danced passionately and then took off their clothes piece by piece. Behind them, an electronic screen was displaying a picture of the deceased with elegiac couplets on either side." We’re not sure what the government is so mad about, it seems like China has figured out a way to make funerals a whole lot less sad.  Source: Business Insider

Image shows one of the trucks that can be used for shows.

In China, most people believe that having strippers dance–sometimes with snakes in hand–at funerals, bring luck to the deceased in the after life.

The naked young women’s sex appeal serve as a “modernized” way of drawing large crowds, which is also believed to bring good fortune in the afterlife.

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Reports confirm that Chinese authorities detained the person responsible for the troupe of strippers who performed at this funeral and fined them 70,000 yuan (over $11,000) for violating public security regulations.

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