Why music fans love Harry Styles

Harry Styles is in squid mode for his new music video, Music for a Sushi Restaurant.

The video debuted on Thursday featuring the third single off his third studio album, Harry’s House. But the contents of the video were unexpected, to say the least.

Featuring Styles as a half-squid half-man creature, the video tells the story of a seafood restaurant grappling between cooking Styles and using his extraordinary body for entertainment.

At first, the seafood restaurant staff discovers the marvelous creature on the beach and thinks of ways to turn him into sushi. But after hearing him sing, they begin pampering him in preparation for live entertainment.

Despite the slimy scales and tentacles, it seems everyone still sees massive potential in the half-squid Styles, and fans agree too.

This is what we get for complaining about him not being Prince Eric,” an Instagram commenter wrote.

The English singer-songwriter, and actor, is known for his creative music videos. Earlier this year, fans spotted Styles filming part of Late Night Talking outside of Buckingham Palace.