Why Kim Jong Un took his personal toilet to Singapore

Ahead of the historic US-North Korea Summit, Kim Jong Un reportedly reshuffled his military ranks for improved security and his arrival in Singapore together with a “mobile toilet” buttresses this fact.

Kim's toilet


Image highlights Kim’s mobile toilet in the background (Source: Korean Central News Agency)

The DPRK leader took appropriate steps to guarantee his safety while holding denuclearization talks with US President Donald Trump. The meeting will hold on 12 June.

Kim is known to always travel with different toilets, including one in his Mercedes Benz.

A report from South Korean tabloid Daily NK, confirmed in 2015 that the North Korean dictator has private toilets in his personal train and every vehicle he rides in, whether they are small or midsize cars, including special SUV’s specifically built for snow or mountainous terrains.

Kim is not a lover of toilets and he does not poop all the time. It is, however, forgivable if one thinks that less of him considering the bloated tummy he lugs with pride.

The South Korean news outlet quoted an unnamed source as saying that Kim cannot, in the culture and traditions of Suryeong-based (dictatorial) society, to make use of public toilets just because he needs to leave his permanent residence.

The Supreme Leader, as Kim is known in North Korea, uses mobile toilets to ensure that “poo scavengers” do not dig out his health secrets, reports another South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo.

North Korean leadership considers Kim’s health a top secret.

Lee Yun-keol, a former staff of the DPRK President’s Guard Command Unit who deserted his country for personal reasons, revealed to The Washington Post that “the leader’s faeces contain important information about his health status and they cannot be taken for granted…The government cannot leave them behind.”

Kim’s urine and faecal matter are useful for medical tests and these serve as health indicators, Daily NK noted.

Talking about the importance of Kim’s mobile toilet and his vulnerability while in the box, a US security strategist suggested earlier this year that Trump’s government send a warning message by blasting the sewer.

“The action from US military will send an unmistakable message that ‘your life can be taken while you poop,’” Jeffery Lewis acknowledged.

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    1. Very interesting. Politics needs that, even more when there are many countries wanting him dead. That’s a nice but hilarious security step.