Why God ignores your prayers

RAMADAN — Qudrat Ullah Ayaz, Secretary Tatelum Ul Quran leads prayer at the Baitul Qadir Mosque.For The Journal Sentinel / Michael McLoone

You may have been in gatherings were so-called Christians shout fire, Holy ghost fire, without any tangible results in their lives. Some may even result in looking for diabolical means if their prayers are not yielding results.

Why are prayers hindered?

(1) Unconfessed sin: If a Christian does not confess his or her sins to God, and make peace with those he or she offended, it may cause hinderances to prayers.

(2) Evil Covenants: As sincere and genuine as a Christian may be, if there are known or unknown evil covenants that are not broken, this may resist answers to prayers. Positive confessions might be resisted if there are hidden evil covenants.

(3) Pride: spiritual pride, normal pride, pride of being a prayer warrior can resist answers to a person’s prayer.

(4) Lack of Importunity: Praying without intense satisfaction may not bring answers. You must pray deeply until your soul and spirit are satisfied. Do not force faith on shabby or unsatisfactory prayers. Apply great faith when you have prayed through.

(5) Foundational Issues: A Christian who has not dealt with foundational powers, ancestral powers, idols of his father’s house, powers of his or her father’s house, may have resistance to getting results after prayers.

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