Why Carlos Tevez left Man U for Man City.

It was the worst kind of betrayal for Manchester United fans when their adored player Carlos Tevez, 32, left for a rival team Manchester City, after spending 2 wonderful years with the Red Devils.

Tevez spent two successful seasons on loan at Old Trafford before Manchester City move

Things almost got out of hand as die-hard Man U fans felt it an added insult when City erected a blue-colored “Welcome to Manchester” billboard in the city center with Carlos Tevez as the promotional image.

OPEN ARMS .... Carlos Tevez has poster on his wall at home

It was a taunting marketing strategy by City’s management. But buying the Argentine from Man U gave the Etihad chiefs all express rights to use the player in promoting their brand.

If only, and if only the fans knew Carlos Tevez was free to leave when he did.

His presence wasn’t needed at the Old Trafford as proven by former manager Alex Ferguson who refused to give the striker an extended contract.

Alex Ferguson claims he decided against making Tevez's move to United permanent

Carlos Tevez moved on with his life at the Emirates and was an automatic success for the new team. He contributions to the most formidable Premier League team in the past years will forever be remembered in the history of Manchester City.

Tevez helped City claim their first Premier League crown under boss Roberto Mancini

Tevez spoke with Marca:

“Nothing happened with Ferguson, it was a normal relationship.

“I went on loan to Manchester United for two seasons, and in the last year, Ferguson told me they will pay the fee to keep me.

“We reached the Champions League final in Rome, and I had no contract on the table.

“Then I went to City and they complained, but I had no offer to sign for United, and I was free to leave.”

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