When Moms Give Condoms As Presents.

Moms are known to be caring and loving though sometimes they seem to overdo it. Sex education works and, yes, it’s right for parents to pass on this necessary knowledge to the young generation.

Sex advice is important to every young person who might be presented with or deceived in one way or the other to give in to risky behaviors.

A mom was concerned about his son’s upcoming date with a girl. In a way of ensuring that some things don’t go wrong, she kept a condom on a wooden object and left a note beside it – hoping the boy would get the instructions right.

If only she knew that the instruction itself was already awry.

Can I get you guys anything? Some snacks? A condom?

It was so because she forgot or didn’t know that you don’t make holes in condoms. The woman PINNED the condom to the wooden object.