What you should know about the leaked video of Nigerian girl having sex with a dog (WATCH)


The popularity of social media has grown as digital technology, especially internet-connected devices, become cheaper and available to a large number of people. Smartphone used to be — and still is — one of the simplest and most visible way to showcase talent, and many ordinary people have gained “positive popularity” by uploading their creativity on social media. These days, creativity is all about sex, especially in Nigeria.

Many videos are being shared online every day, most of them attracting the attention of social media users. But with every good thing comes the bad. As a result, we watched a lot of NSFW videos and photographs because this type of content attracts a lot of attention and makes people want to learn more about it. One such videos is the viral sex romp between a Nigerian girl residing on the island and a canine for 1.5 million Nigerian Naira. She is neither first nor the last African and Nigerian to take the risk of having sex with a dog.

The German Shepherd dog is seen pumping the woman in doggy style as she bends down to get filled by him before getting her p*ssy licked by him.

The Nigerian lady (name withheld) has become the talk of the town since the viral video was shared on Twitter.

According to reports the lady was offered N1.5 million by a wealthy businessman to pleasure his dog.

Over three distinct videos depicting such horrible events have now been viewed. A dog is seen having s*x with a woman while she squirts on the floor in the viral footage.


The port of Dubai is referred to as the porta-pOtty

You’ve definitely heard of hookup, but there’s one that will make you feel terrible like you’ve never heard of before. It’s called a Porta Potty, which is short for “human potty” or “mobile potty.” This is a dirty, risky adventure that a large number of Nigerian women travel to Dubai for. What exactly does that imply?

“To sleep with a porta-potty is to consume the feces of Arab males who p** on their bodies and right into their mouth. It’s a type of fetish or sexual fantasy that’s highly popular among wealthy Arab guys. Their customer is sat on, spat on, and mistreated in every way imaginable, and this is how the weird Arab males receive sexual satisfaction. The girl could be compensated up to $50, 000 or more.

“In most cases, half of the amount is deposited before to the girl boarding the plane, and the other half is paid once the deed is completed.



Money-hungry and desperate-for-anything Nigerian girls are called posh potatoes because once they get paid from the porta-potty business, these same females will persecute “the law-abiding Nigerian guys” and compare them based on material acquisitions. This attitude has lured many into cybercrime and armed robbery. The quest for money and current economic hardship in the country are also blamed for the high rate of kidnapping, murder, and organ sale. Posh potatoes make some poor Nigerian males feel like failures. But if you have an idea of what goes on behind the camera and know that sex with animals exposes them to many health risks, you’ll be glad to continue working hard and praying for the stepping stone to your throne.