What Lady Gaga thinks about motherhood

Lady Gaga

There is no denying that Lady Gaga has become one of the most successful singers and performers in Hollywood, boasting countless awards alongside six number-one albums and five number-one singles.

Besides building a highly respected name for herself within the music industry, Gaga has also dabbled in acting, best known for her roles in A Star Is Born, American Horror Story, and House Of Gucci. This has pushed her to new heights of fame, as she has now also made a name for herself within the acting world.

While her professional life has flourished in the media, Gaga has also had to live through the challenge of having her relationships thrust into the public spotlight. Currently, the star is dating Michael Polansky, who seemingly prefers to live life under the radar.

However, this blossoming love affair has got many Little Monsters’ tongues wagging, with many now questioning if the star has begun to think about starting a family. So, what exactly has the star unveiled about her future plans?

Who Is Lady Gaga’s Beau Michael Polansky?

Michael Polansky is an American entrepreneur who graduated from Harvard in 2006, after studying mathematics and computer science.

He has since grown to become highly successful and is currently the executive director of the Parker Foundation, which he confounded in 2015 alongside Sean Parker.

Many fans seem to be pleased that their Mother Monster is all loved up, however, some are still wondering how exactly the pair met, as they seemingly come from very different backgrounds.

While Gaga is very much used to living life in the spotlight, it appears that her beau, Michael, appears to live under the radar, making it likely that he is not used to being in the public eye.

The pair officially confirmed their relationship via a cute Instagram snap in 2020, which showed the loved up pair happily spending time together. They reportedly met at a birthday party in 2019, and after their initial meeting, they were soon spotted spending time together again at concert events and the pre-superbowl party.

Who Else Did Lady Gaga Date?

Before meeting Michael, Gaga had dated a few other men. In 2015, the Poker Face singer was actually engaged to Taylor Kinney, whom she dated for a total of three years before calling it quits. They split just a year later following their engagement, however, it has never been clear exactly why the couple split.

In 2017, Gaga started dating talent agent Christian Carino who she later got engaged to. While the relationship may have appeared to be all roses and flowers to the public, it was later reported that Carino ‘didn’t treat Gaga very well toward the end of their relationship’ and he was reportedly ‘jealous’.

Despite her previous heartbreaks, Gaga now seems happier than ever with her beau, and many fans hope that it will stay that way. However, after a seemingly rosy two-year relationship, many fans are wondering whether kids will be on the cards for the romantic pair.

Does Lady Gaga Want Kids With Michael Polansky?

This is the one big question that fans have been clamoring for an answer to, clutching at straws for an inside scoop on Gaga’s potential future family. Currently, the pair is reportedly ‘very much in love’ and are ‘still together and enjoying their relationship’, which can only be a positive sign.

So, does Gaga even want children with Michael Polansky? In July 2019, Gaga unveiled her feelings about wanting children to Allure: “I really hope that when I have maybe a little girl one day, or a little boy, and they see Mommy put her makeup on, that they have the same experience that I did with my mom”.

That same year, she also revealed in a YouTube video that she ‘wanted to have babies’ as one part of her ten-year plan.

She has since echoed the same sentiments when questioned about children in several interviews. In April, Gaga told In Style magazine that she was “very excited to have kids” and that she ‘looks forwards to being a mom.’

She then continued by saying: “Isn’t it incredible what we can do? We can hold a human inside and grow it” and that kids and marriage were something that she wants.

While Gaga has not explicitly said that she wants to have kids with Michael, it very much seems that babies could potentially be on the cards if things continue to go well between the blossoming pair. However, as of writing, nothing has officially been confirmed, and any plans for future children remain pure speculation.