What it’ll cost Barcelona to sell Koeman

Ronald Koeman is not in the eye of the storm, with Joan Laporta planning on getting rid of may players, but he could also leave.

Laporta is set to meet him next week, Monday or Tuesday, deciding his future. The coach believes he’s not the main problem the dressing room has.

Ronald Koeman

Koeman is valued by the board for his bravery in starting the transformation process the squad needs, and has shown his quality when it comes to using young players. However he’s also not considered ‘a genius’ when it comes to tactics, and he’s racked up a fair few defeats attributed to bad set-up or bad subs.

There are two arguments to account for when it comes to deciding Koeman’s future. The current options are not convincing the board (Laporta has made contact with Xavi but the president is not fully convinced), and the cost of removing Koeman – 7.5 million euros.

Nobody is ruling out the idea of Koeman going on to complete his contract. He has another year and Laporta understands keeping him would not be unpopular because the players are being blamed.