What Black Americans think of Donald Trump


Nearly half of American adults believe President Donald Trump should be impeached and removed from office based on what’s included in the Mueller report, a new poll finds.

According to the Gallup survey, released Wednesday:

  • 45% said Trump should be impeached and removed from the presidency.
  • 53% said Trump should not be impeached.
  • 81% of Democrats are for impeachment, compared to 46% of independents and 7% of Republicans.
  • Trump’s job approval rating stood at 41% in the second half of June, down from 43% in the first half of the month.

The Mueller report was unveiled in the spring and listed several instances where Trump may have tried to obstruct justice, but the Justice Department declined to pursue an obstruction case against him. The report, written by special counsel and former FBI director Robert Mueller, found that the Trump campaign did not conspire with Russia to win the 2016 election.

Democrats continue to investigate Trump and his dealings before and after he won the presidency.