‘What a mess he has inherited’: Cooper addresses Cleverly in the Commons

Labour’s shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper addresses the new Home Secretary, James Cleverly, saying he is the “eighth Tory home secretary in eight years”.

She adds: “What a mess he has inherited.”

Ms Cooper says the Rwanda ruling this morning has exposed the failure of the policy as well as Rishi Sunak’s judgment.

She says there is “no serious plan” to deal with dangerous boat crossings over the asylum system.

And she hits out at the “readiness” of the government to spend £140m of taxpayer money on the deal – “money we now can’t get back”.

Ms Cooper questions whether her counterpart is as enthusiastic about the Rwanda plan as his predecessor, Suella Braverman, joking that in private he may have called it “bats**t”.

Mr Cleverly responds by saying that Labour does not have its own plan to deal with Channel crossings, saying the party’s “great idea” is to do what the government “is already doing”.

He says the “mask has slipped”.

“The glee I have detected on the opposite benches…displays what we know to be true – they don’t want migration control to work, they don’t want control over our borders,” he says.

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