West Ham Fans Go Gaga Against Manchester United.

West Ham fans went berserk against Manchester United players Tuesday evening prior to kick off. The match scheduled at the Boleyn Ground was delayed by 45 minutes after the Red Devils’ team bus was attacked by some crazy fans outside the stadium.

Image: Manchester United’s bus showing a broken glass.

Reports say water bottles were thrown at the coach and players. For safety reasons, Manchester United entered the stadium just thirty minutes before kick off time.

In a report released England’s FA,  the violent incidents that occurred on and off the pitch at Upton Park as West Ham took battled Manchester United has been strongly condemned.

The FA confirmed it will investigate the events that happened before and during the match.

Image: Manchester United’s bus attacked.

“The FA strongly condemns the unsavoury incidents this evening involving both the Manchester United team coach outside  West Ham United’s Boleyn Ground and objects thrown from a section of the home support during the game.

“We will work closely with both clubs and the Metropolitan Police to fully investigate these matters,” the FA posted on Twitter.

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During the game, Anthony Martial scored for the Red Devils in the early minutes of the second half prompting celebrations but unfortunately, goalkeeper David De Gea was hit by bottles.

A bottle flies toward Manchester United goalkeeper, David de Gea

West Ham fans may get bans for the attack on Manchester United if found guilty of match violence.