We aren’t ‘buying Israeli narrative’ on hospital blast, says Jordan

Jordan’s foreign minister has said “no one is buying” the Israeli narrative about the Gaza hospital explosion.

Ayman Safadi told NBC’s Lester Holt that people “in this part of the world” will not believe Palestinian militants accidentally bombed al Ahli Hospital unless there is an independent inquiry.

Asked whether he believed Israel, Mr Safadi said: “No one is buying that narrative in this part of the world.”

He continued: “The only way people would entertain a different narrative is if there was an independent international inquiry into the tragedy with impeccable evidence that it was not Israel.”

Gaza’s health ministry has blamed the blast on Israel, who has accused the Palestinian Islamic Jihad of misfiring a rocket, who in turn has said Israel was responsible.

The health ministry said 471 people were killed, but the IDF claims the figure was inflated.

Attacks on US bases in Syria – reports

Two US military bases in Syria have come under attack, Lebanon’s Iran-aligned Al Mayadeen TV has reported.

There was no official confirmation of the attacks. 

Al Mayadeen reported a missile attack on the Conoco base in the countryside of the northern Deir al-Zor region.

There was also a drone attack on the Al-Tanf base near Syria’s borders with Iraq and Jordan, it said.

The reports come after a little-known group called Tashkil al-Waritheen, or the Inheritor, claimed responsibility for a separate drone attack on America’s al-Harir air base in northern Iraq yesterday.

It was one of two drone attacks on Wednesday, with another targetting al-Asad air base, a US official said.

In this attack, a drone was intercepted but still managed to explode, causing minor injuries and damaging some equipment.

US troops were being evaluated for possible traumatic brain injury, an official said.

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