Want To Run Like Usain Bolt? Eat Beef.

Usain Bolt completed his “triple triple” sweep at the 2016 Olympic Games held in Rio, Brazil and now an Indian party stalwart from the BJP says he knows the Jamaican sprinter’s little secret. Dr Udit Raj says it’s beef consumption.

Image shows India’s BJP leader Udit Raj.

The BJP leader has therefore, advised anyone who wishes to be stronger, healthier and faster than Usain, to start eating beef. Dr Raj took to Twitter saying Bolt won 9 Olympic gold medals after doing same.

Here’s his tweet:

Usain bolt of Jamaica was poor and trainer advised him to eat beef both the times and he scored 9 gold medals in Olympic.

According to reports, Udit Raj received huge criticisms after the Twitter promotion of beef consumption. Some argued that his statements were incorrect as eating beef does not add to the proteins in the body.

Some other critics had their humor aroused as they argued that Pakistani runners would have won all the medals at the Olympics because most of them consume more of beef.

The Twitter debate forced CNN to grant Dr Udit Raj a brief interview so he could clarify his statements. He told CNN, News18, “My remark is in context of allegations that athletes don’t have enough facilities. In favour of Indians eating beef, BJP too has never said don’t eat anything.”

India.com confirms the party has not yet responded on Raj’ stand.

However, Raj continued with the debate on Monday, saying that he was only referring to how Bolt won medals despite poor infrastructure and facilities.

Here are his tweets:

I cited circumstances of Jamaica that despite poor infrastructure & poverty Bolt won 9 gold so our players should find ways like that to win 12:20 PM – 29 Aug 2016

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