Vincent Del Bosque Sad About Champions League Finals.

Vincent Del Bosque Sad About Champions League Finals.

The Spain boss Vicente del Bosque has confessed he’s worried about Spanish clubs’ involvement in the upcoming Champions League finals. The coach said the schedule made a mess of his initial plans for a formidable Euro 2016 team.

Image: Vincent Del Bosque talks to the press.

Del Bosque will be announcing a provisional list of his squad from France today.

However, he has confirmed his sadness for being unable to include players from Real Madrid, Atletico and Sevilla in the team for the meantime. These clubs are preparing for a Champions League and Europa League showdown respectively.

“The European finals made my first team a mess,” he said at a book presentation on Friday, Marca reports.

“We’ll see about 17 [players in the final squad as a result of the European finals]!

“Still, we mustn’t be ironic about this. There’s a deadline to be met and the date [for my squad announcement] is set.

“The concentration will be a little difficult,” Vincent Del Bosque added, in reference to his inability to assemble the best legs in his team.