US will abandon Ukraine soon – Former Russian leader

ormer Russian President and current Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev said Friday that the United States “will sooner or later abandon” Ukraine and said that the issue of aid delivery to Kiev is a “toxic” issue in the US country.

“The United States has always abandoned its friends. It will do it sooner or later this time,” Medvedev has said in a message on his Telegram account, before stressing that “the (US) congressmen are asking about where all the huge amount of money (given to Ukraine) went.”

“Where will the tens of billions claimed by that strange old man (US President Joe) Biden, who was aptly described as Ukraine’s vice president on Capitol Hill, go?” the former Russian president has wondered.

Thus, Medvedev has pointed out that “the Republicans are stronger after the elections and are pushing a wave against the Republicans, who are struggling.” “There should be no illusions, as a lot of money will be spent on militarization of the Ukrainian regime, as this is an integral part of the Russophobic consensus among the political elites of the United States,” he explained.

However, he has noted that “this will be increasingly difficult” because “the feelings of ordinary Americans will gradually shift to reality.” “They have been fooled again. In a period of recession and rising prices of everything, huge funds were sent from the US Budget in an unknown direction for the benefit of the military-industrial complex,” he denounced.

The former Russian president argued that the aim was “to benefit the interests of the Biden family” and “thieves in the United States and other parts of the world”. “This effect will accumulate as long as the (U.S.) Congress does not suspend its reckless support for the nationalist regime in Ukraine,” he has defended.

“That’s where the remnants of reality and the tearful tantrums of the clowns in Kiev come from, wiping their snot and frantically calling for more and more sanctions against Russia and more Western war money. Only that can prolong their sweet drug agony,” he concluded.