US cops on horseback handcuff and pull a black man with rope around his neck

A “helpless” black man was arrested, handcuffed and pulled to the police station with a rope around his neck.

In the “walk-of-shame” incident which occurred in Galveston County, two mounted cops arrested 43-year-old Donald Neely and had to walk him down a Galveston street—with rope around his neck even though he was already in chains.

The officers claim there was no vehicle to transport the suspect to their outpost.

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Donald’s family raised alarm for the dehumanizing treatment meted to one of their own. Update from the police department says the cops on horseback will not face any criminal charges.

According to ABC News, White Texas officers P. Brosch and A. Smith arrested Donald on criminal trespass charges.

Donald’s family is still calling for thorough investigations on the Aug. 3 incident. Video and pictures of his arrest, however, sparked anger among the black community and a panel of inquiry was set up by the Texas Rangers.

‘Our findings show nothing that warrants a criminal investigation for the police officers,’ the Texas Rangers said.

In contrast, Galveston police showed remorse for the poor handling of Donald’s case.

‘First and foremost, we must tender apologies to Mr. Donald for the unnecessary embarrassment from our officers,’ Police Chief Vernon L. Hale III said in his official statement. ‘The officials should have waited for transport…That was an erroneous judgement.’

Donald’s family insists that police should release the officers’ bodycam videos ahead of a planned civil rights march scheduled for Sept. 15, according to the Houston Chronicle, and the family says a lawsuit would be unavoidable if police neglect their request.

‘We will file a lawsuit against the police if that footage isn’t out in 30 days,’ KHOU quotes a representative of Donald’s family.

Media reports confirm that Donald has 25 years of felony and misdemeanour infractions to his name. This apparently distasteful record includes 19 trespassing arrests. The suspect is also a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic with bipolar disease. He has survived on the streets for some years.

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Newser adds that Donald’s legal representative has held discussions with the Galveston County DA.

‘We are making efforts to get him a mental-health treatment instead of a jail time,’ the attorney said.

Meanwhile, office of the sheriff explained that private investigations into the matter are underway.