Unusual new ways to hire employees

The owner of a business outfit in Texas has discovered a new but unusual way to hire “qualified” applicants. Ugly Christmas Sweater Shop owned by Jeremy Turner is trending at the moment for his weird recruitment strategies.

Image: Jeremy Turner

Media reports confirm that any interested applicant will only be required to dance or do some weird things. And after that? You got yourself a job!

Jeremy, who is currently making waves as the best employer in Dallas, revealed why he needed applicants to dance for a job.

He wanted to fill up his newest shops in Forth Worth and Frisco before the end of this year, so he had to brainstorm for an unusual way to do his unusual business.

Of course, when you name your clothes shop “Ugly”, that’s weird.

Having set the unconventional plan in motion, Jeremy advertised his job openings, asking interested applicants to submit videos of their dance moves.

Image: Jeremy Turner

The shop owner spoke with WFAA-TV saying: “We need to look for people who are a little hyper, just crazy about Christmas…All you had to do was dance.

“It showed us you were willing to have fun.

“We found a lot of great people that way,” he added.

No applications or CV’s.

A retired teacher Diane McCusker, who was lucky to be counted among the newest employees, explained how she got the job. She only performed a dance routine while reciting a poem about why the job should be hers.

“When he stopped laughing, he said, ‘You’re hired!'” the 69-year-old said.

“I don’t have kids to make me Christmasy. I’m not going into work every day,” she said.

“So what a great way to interact with all of these people.”

Contrary to the unusual shop’s name, Jeremy said his store is unique, adding that all of his sweaters are “genuine vintage Christmas apparel”.

The shop owner adds that none of the products are intentionally made to be ugly as the name suggests. He knows Christmas should be beautiful, but that’s the fun of it.

“I love Christmas,” he said. “I’m into authentic sweaters. These were never intended to be ugly, they were intended to be pretty.”