University Admits A 12-year-old College Freshman.

Jeremy Shuler is the 12-year-old college freshman who has been offered admission at Cornwell university. 

A report from The Washington Post says he’s the youngest student on record to attend the Ivy League school.


University welcomes 12-year-old college freshman

Image: Jeremy Shuler

Jeremy’s parents are both aerospace engineers. They relocated from Grand Prairie, Texas, to Ithaca, New York, in order to grant him the needed help as he pursues his dream of being a qualified engineer.

According to the report, the young boy was home-schooled until the time he applied for studies at Cornwell university.

Jeremy sat for the elite-level SAT and Advanced Placement test, and his surprise scores in math and science at the age of 10 showed he was intellectually ready for college. His father, Collins, said the achievement was what inspired his family to relocate to Ithaca from Texas.

The boy will now take classes as an undergraduate in the same school where his father got a doctorate degree. Awesome.

“I wanted to make sure he had a nice, safe environment in terms of growing up,” Collins said.

Jeremy started reading books in English and Korean at the age of 2. This genius in the making was said to have started studying calculus by the age of 6. Now it won’t be a mystery that at the age when he should be in middle school with his mates, the “wizard” is ready for lectures in a university.

“It’s risky to extrapolate, but if you look at his trajectory and he stays on course, one day he’ll solve some problem we haven’t even conceived of,” said Cornell Engineering Dean Lance Collins. “That’s pretty exciting.”

Explaining more mysteries from the genius, Harry Shuler [the mother who has a doctorate degree in aerospace engineering but put her career of hold to home-school Jeremy] said: “From the beginning, he was physically advanced, very strong.”

“He fixated on letters and numbers at 3 months old, knew the alphabet at 15 months, and was reading books on his own at 21 months in English and Korean, his mother’s native language.”

When he was 5, he read “The Lord of the Rings” and “Journey Through Genius: The Great Theorems of Mathematics” on his own. Enrolling him in kindergarten was pointless.

“We were concerned about him socializing with other kids,” his mother said.

“At the playground, he was freaked out by other kids running around screaming. But when we took him to Math Circle and math camp, he was very social. He needed someone with similar interests.”

Jeremy nodded vehemently at that, saying his closest friends are from the math discussion groups.

“One of my Math Circle friends actually wrote ‘Minecraft for Dummies,” he said, adding that the computer game is one of his favorite pastimes along with reading science fiction.

He said he’s settling into college life.

“I was nervous at first, but I’m a lot more excited than nervous now,” he said, adding that he’s already made a couple of friends.

“As Mommy said, all the kids in math camp were older than me, so I’m used to having older friends. As long as they like math.”

He’s enjoying the classes, especially the theoretical discussions, he said.

“The classes are kind of easy so far, but I know they’ll be harder pretty soon,” Jeremy said.