Unbelievable: Meet The 4-Year-Old Boy accused of hacking into FBI Database

Sounds mysterious that a 4-year-old boy could have the computer knowledge required to hack FBI database, right? A whiz kid from California, who reports say his identity must not be disclosed, was arrested for hacking into FBI’s internal network on three different ocassions.

According to experts, this surprising event certainly exposes a major breach in the security of the federal organization, showing the vulnerability of its system to malicious intrusions. If a 4-year old self-educated amateur can hack the FBI's system, we can therefore assume that many foreign spy agencies or professional hackers are also easily capable of doing the same.

The new Einstein reportedly breached FBI’s security protocols while searching for confidential information on his mother’s new boyfriend.

According to a report from World Daily, the accused was able to bypass all firewalls and security systems in a twinkle of an eye. How he did it remains a mystery.

The brainy kid has been able to gain access to databases belonging to the FBI, the CIA and of many other police departments in an attempt to verify the identity of his new stepdad as well unveil his criminal records, if any.

Speaking at a press briefing, Bill L. Lewis, the assistant director in charge of the FBI’s Los Angeles Division, announced that the accused’s young age would certainly have to be taken into account.

However, Lewis adds that: “Considering the gravity of the crimes he committed and the consequences that his actions could have on the credibility of U.S. federal authorities, the charges had to be serious.”

It is still unclear where the boy acquired computer knowledge. He is said to be living alone with his mother who is an uneducated hairdresser with very little computer skills.

According to the report, there wasn’t any computer in the house until last Christmas, when the mother’s ex-boyfriend gave her a laptop.

FBI agents reportedly took away the computer which will serve as evidence while they analyze all the data they can find.

The boy was also interrogated.