UK police identify gunman who killed 6, say shooting not linked to terrorism

UK Police have been giving more details of the shooting that left six people dead – including the gunman – in Plymouth, southwest England on Thursday evening.

Shaun Sawyer, chief constable of Devon and Cornwall police, named the shooter as Jake Davison, aged 22.

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“This was a truly shocking event and was witnessed by members of the public,” he said.

His victims have been identified as his mother Maxine Davison, 51, who was killed at one address before Davison shot and killed Sophie Martyn, three, and her father Lee Martyn, 43, at a second address.

Davison then shot at two local people who are being treated in hospital for “significant, but not life-threatening injuries,” before entering parkland and shooting Stephen Washington, 59, who died at the scene.

The chief constable said Davison shot another woman, Kate Shepherd, 66, who died in hospital, and then turned the weapon on himself.

Sawyer said terrorism was not being considered as a motive and that Davison had no known association with far-right groups.

“Let’s see what’s on his hard drive, let’s see what’s on his computer, let’s see what’s on social media,” Sawyer said.

“We believe we have an incident that is domestically related that has spilled into the street and seen several people of Plymouth lose their lives in an extraordinarily tragic circumstance,” he added.

He said Davison had a firearms license but couldn’t confirm that the weapon he used was the one to which it applied.

Sawyer said he couldn’t confirm witness descriptions of the weapon as a pump-action shotgun, but said a forensic examination was under way.

Asked whether Davison was receiving treatment for mental health issues, the chief constable said: “Clearly this is an extraordinarily unusual response by a fellow human being. Whether there were mental health issues I cannot say at this time.”

Before they were deleted by Facebook and YouTube, Davison’s social media channels indicated an interest in guns, right-wing libertarian politics and “shoot-em-up” video games

The content suggested a self-pitying loner, alienated from his family and hostile to women.

Prior to being taken down, his YouTube content mostly showed him lifting weights in his home gym. In the last upload, on July 28, he spoke of feeling “beaten down and defeated” by life.