UK offering no support to British Palestinians

Among those trapped in Gaza is the brother of Basma Ghalayini, a British Palestinian living in Manchester.

She tells Sky News “conditions are getting worse” where her brother was visiting their parents.

“There is a shortage in water, electricity and there is ongoing bombing happening,” Ms Ghalayini said.

She claimed Israel has used white phosphorous against Gaza, forcing her family to move to a different location in the Strip.

Sky News cannot independently verify her claim that incendiary weapons have been used.

The UK government hasn’t “expressed any support for the Palestinians” in the UK and any politician who does “is marginalised, is cast out”, she said.

Ms Ghalayini said Israel’s bombardment was no different to repeated assaults on Palestinians “over the past two decades and the reason we are hearing about it now is because the Palestinians have reacted”.

She added: “The Palestinians are a struggling people, they have been oppressed for decades and now they are reacting to decades of oppression and assaults by the Israelis.”

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