UFC 207: Amanda Nunes reveals what inspired her victory over Ronda Rousey

Amanda Nunes, a Brazilian mixed martial artist who currently fights for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), surprised Ronda Rousey with the most vicious attack ever in the competition. And her victory wasn’t a miracle in any way.

Nunes, 28, got a total amount of $200,000 for defeating a former champion, but the Salvador-born star says she’s not bothered about the “meager” cash rewards. Rousey made over $3 million from the fight.

However, an inspired Nunes said: “I knew I was gonna beat the [expletive] out of Ronda Rousey.”

The Brazilian fighter has fought a total 18 times in the bantamweight category: 14 wins (10 by KO / 3 by submission / and 1 by decision). She also suffered 4 losses (2 by KO / 1 by submission / and 1 by decision).

Nunes is UFC’s first openly lesbian champion, and the first female Brazilian champion.

In an interview with ABC News after the match, Nunes revealed what inspired her win over Rousey.

Image: Ronda Rousey

In her words: “I knew [Rousey] was going to to strike with me, because she thinks it because her boxing coach told her she has good striking.

“I knew she was going to strike a little bit with me, but when I started to connect with some punches I knew she would want to start to clinch with me.”

She continued: “I trained for everything that she would bring today — if she would come forward and try to take me down or if she respects me, I was ready for everything. I took my time and connected with some punches.

“Always when I see something wrong with my evolution, I try to make some changes,” Nunes said.

“I feel like [Rousey] doesn’t know those things like a real fighter. I feel like if she doesn’t know how to make some changes in her game, she’s not a real fighter.”

With the victory over Rousey, Nunes has made history as the UFC female bantamweight fighter with most finishes inside the first round. Before the match, both fighters were tied at five.

Image: Ronda Rousey

“Let’s stop this Ronda Rousey nonsense because this fight was everything about her but I’m the champion,” Nunes said.

“I don’t understand why. It’s supposed to be everything about the champion and about the best in the world.”

The current champion had but one question for her out-classed opponent.

“Why did Ronda Rousey stop for a year and then come back and have everything?” she asked, feeling unhappy with Rousey’s hyped legacy in the media. “It’s not right.”

Rousey has avoided the press for an alleged disrespect after her initial loss to Holly Holms, who knocked her unconscious with a kick to the head. The American fighter-actress hasn’t been mentally stable for another contest after taking a long time out.

Ronda Rousey (L) and her coach, Edmond Tarverdyan, react after her loss at UFC 207. (Getty)

Image shows Ronda Rousey and her coach, Edmond Tarverdyan.

UFC president Dana White said the atmosphere in Rousey’s locker room after the fight was supercharged with anger and sadness.

“She’s so competitive,” White told FOX Sports 1. “She’s devastated. She’s a competitor. She’s a lot better than the Holly Holm fight.

“She [Rousey] was backstage and obviously she was upset. But she’s got a lot of support for her, and I think it’ll be a lot better than the Holm fight.”