U.S. Politician Commits Suicide 4 Days Before Election.

A New York state lawmaker who is said to be running for re-election has reportedly committed suicide. The incident occurred Friday, four days before the state’s Republican primary election.

Image shows assemblyman Bill Nojay.

An emergency call to the police reported a depressed man somewhere around a cemetery. By the time cops arrived the scene, they met Bill Nojay’s corpse.

He apparently died of gunshot wounds after pulling the trigger on himself.

The location where Bill killed himself is said to be next to his brother’s grave, in his family’s burial plot, Newser reported.

According to reports, the deceased has been faced with financial scandals recently, and police believe this might have been the root cause of his suicidal thoughts.

The New York Times, Bill Nojay, 59, was accused of embezzling $1.8 million from a legal client and was to appear in court for trials on those charges Friday.

And federal investigators are also looking into his previous business deals, especially an agricultural venture he established in Cambodia. Nojay was believed to have taken $1 million donation from a Cambodian dentist but had nothing to show for it.

He was also being investigated for his role in a $1.3 billion deal to modernize schools, the Albany Times Union reports.

If he ends up winning Tuesday, party leaders will have to nominate a replacement for the general election. Nojay’s Republican challenger, Richard Milne, says he’s “devastated” by the news and is “suspending all political activity until further notice.”