Trump Impeachment: Americans divided after first day of hearing

Americans were divided on the impeachment of President Donald Trump after the first day of House hearings on the matter, a new poll showed Sunday.

In the online survey conducted by YouGov for the Huffington Post, 45% said Trump should be impeached, while 42% said he should not.

The news outlet reported the numbers have been about the same — between 44% and 48% — since late September, with the previous early November survey at 46%.

In other findings, the poll found:

About one-third of Americans report having watched at least part of the first day of hearings, with another 39% saying they had seen clips, highlights or news stories.

  • 46% say the Democrats were mostly playing politics, and 43% that they were making a good-faith attempt to get to the truth.
  • 51% say Republicans were playing politics while 34% say they were making an effort to get to the truth.
  • 21% who followed the hearings say the proceedings improved their view of the Trump administration; 24% say it worsened their view; 55% are unsure or say their views didn’t change at all.
  • 43% think Trump withheld military aid to Ukraine to get the country’s president to investigate allegations of corruption against Joe Biden and his son; 30% disagree.
  • 17% say withholding aid would be inappropriate, 26% call it inappropriate but not impeachable, and 39% saying it’s grounds for impeachment.

The online survey consisted of 1,000 interviews conducted Nov. 13-15 among U.S. adults; a specific margin of error was not reported.