CNNDonald Trump will not be like previous presidential candidates who pledge to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and then sidestep the issue once in office. Mr. Trump believes the selection of a capital city should be up to the people of the country.

Image: US Presidential aspirant Donald Trump.

As president, he would recognize the right of the Israeli people to choose their capital city (a choice, incidentally, that has remained unchanged throughout 3,500 years of uninterrupted Jewish presence in Israel). That choice is Jerusalem.

Since ancient times, nations have recognized each other’s authority to designate their own capitals. Yet somehow, modern Israel is held to a different standard.

Mr. Trump believes that, as the crossroads of the world’s religions, a unified Jerusalem must remain open to all worshipers…Recognizing Israel’s authority to designate Jerusalem as its capital is the surest way to ensure harmony and that the holy sites in the city remain open to all who wish to visit them.

What is Hillary Clinton’s view? That depends on who is doing the asking. 

We need a president who means what he says, one whose word can be counted on at home and abroad. Donald Trump believes in the right of the Israeli people to choose their capital, and his actions as president will show that he is a man of his word.

In addition, Mr. Trump will eliminate the Israel-bashing that has been a regular item on the agenda of the current administration, an ugly trend that would likely continue under an administration led by Hillary Clinton. Just two years ago, Clinton boasted to CNN that she was often the Obama administration’s “designated yeller” at Israel’s leaders.

Enough is enough.

A Trump administration will be a true friend to Israel. Jerusalem is Israel’s capital, and the undivided city is essential to the security of its all its citizens regardless of their religious faith.

Israel — and its allies here in America — need Donald Trump as the next president of the United States.

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