True Love And Kindness Can Speak Without Words.

There are many ways to express love. It’s also arguable that these three words “I Love You” are the easiest. However, this story is about a 68-year-old Chinese woman Ms. Wing, who proved that love speaks without words, and even louder than words when it does speak.

This heart-shaking story quotes Angie Morris – an 81-year-old Canadian woman – as saying: “My neighbor doesn’t speak English, but her kindness needs no translation.”

Angie told a Canadian newspaper The Globe about her encounter with the world’s kindest woman.

The Canadian woman grew up in Britain during the war but now lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. At that time, she remembers, there was a Chinese woman who made it an obligation to cook meals for her on daily basis for no reason other than love.

What kind of love between women?

The story from an emotional Angie said Ms. Wing was moved to render that act of kindness after she learnt that her neighbor had health problems and would need to undergo heart surgery.

From that day, the Chinese woman who had no better way to show affection, started preparing meals for her neighbor. Both of them couldn’t communicate due to language barrier. Their greetings was limited to only “hello” and “ni hao”.

There’s no better way for Angie to describe the kindness, love or help she received from Ms Wing, who got to know that she was holding on to life by the whiskers. The Canadian described it as “the ultimate home-delivery service” from her next-door neighbor.

She said: “I know what is inside the paper carrier bag.

“A thermos with hot soup and a stainless-steel container with a meal of rice, vegetables and either chicken, meat or shrimp, sometimes with a kind of pancake. This has become an almost daily occurrence.”

Angie continues: “So here we are, two grandmothers a world away from where we were raised, neither of us able to speak the other’s language, but communicating one way or another (with some help from technology). The doorbell keeps ringing and there is the familiar brown paper carrier bag, handed smilingly to me by Wing,” Angie continues.

In a 21st Century world torn apart by hate and racism, there are still people like Angie who go about doing good to others.

“You know that most people in this world just want to live a good life,” one reader commented.

“I come from old Ireland, so I can tell you a thing or two about conflict. The point is, most people are very good with big hearts and want their children to grow up safe and in places like this country can offer.”

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