Thomas Markle Jr: I’ll relocate to the UK if Meghan joins US politics

Thomas Markle Jr has joked that he would “move to the UK” if his half-sister Meghan Markle ever got into politics.

US President Joe Biden’s sister has spoken out about the chance of Meghan becoming President in the future, admitting that she would make a good candidate for the Oval Office.

But speaking on GB News’ Dan Wootton Tonight, Thomas Markle Jr said he never once got a sense that his sister harboured ambitions of getting into politics.

Dan asked Mr Markle: “When you were growing up with her, did you ever get a sense that she harboured political ambitions?”

Mr Markle replied: “Never, never got a sense that she was after anything political whatsoever, it was always fairy tales and princesses, that’s what she focused on.

“As far as politics go, if that ever happens, I’ll probably move to the UK.”

Mr Markle also gave an update on his dad, Thomas Markle who suffered a stroke earlier this year which scuppered his chances of attending the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Thomas Markle sends a message to the British people
 GB News

He added: “Dad is doing amazing, there’s a lot of work to do but every single day is another milestone of progression on the right direction which is the ultimate recovery on everything, he’s doing fantastic.

“His mind is all there, his body is all there and he’s making progress every day.”

Dan then asked: “Is he getting his voice back?”

Before Thomas Markle Jr added: “Absolutely, we go to many speech therapist appointments and every day it gets a little better, some days aren’t so good but the next day it’s almost like nothing ever happened.”

While in a message to the British people on GB News’ Dan Wootton Tonight, Thomas Markle held aloft a sign which read: “Hi Dan, thank you and the British people for the best wishes and good will.”