This Image of Trump holding a glass of water with both hands doesn’t look good

Social media critics have poked fun at the U.S. President, Donald Trump, after he was seen raising a glass of water with both hands at a public event.

While some called it “bizarre mannerisms,” others think it could be a sign that the 71-year-old is passing through some serious health issues.

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Image: Donald Trump

The president was speaking at a rally in Washington, when he took a moment to quench his thirst amid cheers from the crowd.

However, a majority of people from the audience raised concerns on why he picked the cup from his lectern with both hands. It wasn’t his first time of doing so in public.

One of the mockers compared Trump’s drinking style to that of Obama’s but remarked that the current U.S. leader looked like a “4-year-old from a sippy cup.”

“Trump reinvents the act of drinking water every time he does it,” another one wrote.

Someone argued that the wealthy Republican president’s hands are too small to hold a glass with only one.

Barbara Jones, who appeared to be an experienced medical worker, tweeted some possible explanations. She wrote, “Anyone considered A. Loss of strength, B. Impaired range of motion, or C. Compensating for tremors?”

Tom Joseph aided Barbara with a comprehensive summary. In his words, “With today’s speech, anyone can clearly see Trump’s crumbling health.

“Slurring, sippy cup-style water drinking, involuntary jerks & restricted eye movements on display – part of his dozen+ symptoms of Frontotemporal Dementia.

“It’s degenerative, highly progressive & worsening every week.”

Earlier this month, in his speech about recognizing Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel, Mr. Trump allegedly slurred his last words unintentionally, forcing his numerous critics to describe his presentation as a national disgrace.

“Thank you. God blesh you. God blesh the Israelis. God blesh the Palestinians and God blesh the United Shtates,” the billionaire president was quoted as saying.

A spokesperson for the White House defended his blunder, saying the former TV host has a case of dry mouth.

“His throat was dry. There’s nothing to it,” the rep told Los Angeles Times.