The Suspect Who Tried To Assassinate Donald Trump, Charged In The US.

20-year-old Michael Sandford from Dorking, Surrey, who allegedly tried grabbing a police officer’s gun at a Donald Trump rally on June 18 has been charged to court in the US.

The British male admits he wanted to kill the US presidential aspirant with an officer’s gun.

Michael was arrested at a rally in a Las Vegas casino after he asked for the Republican candidate‘s autograph, and then went for the weapon.

Michael Sandford

During interrogations, the suspect, who was discovered to be living in America without legal papers, told investigators he wanted to kill the presumptive Republican nominee. He also revealed in the US court hearing that he had expected to die in the attempt which took him a year to plan.

He was charged on Wednesday by a grand jury with disrupting an official function and two counts of firearms offences, US Attorney Daniel Bogden said. 

Michael arrived in the city just a day before the event, with the hope of achieving his murder plans. He thereafter, went to a local shooting range where he was said to have mastered how to use a gun for the first time.

If convicted, he faces up to 30 years in prison.


Donald Trump

Meanwhile Donald Trump has responded to the airport attack in Istanbul by saying that the “terrorist threat has never been greater.”

“Our enemies are brutal and ruthless and will do anything to murder those who do not bend to their will. We must take steps now to protect America from terrorists, and do everything in our power to improve our security to keep America safe,” the Republican presidential candidate said.

In the same line, Hillary Clinton said the attack “reminds us that the US cannot retreat” in the face of threat and the US must deepen cooperation with allies in the Middle East and Europe.

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