The Most Hated Celebrity’s Walk Of Fame In Hollywood Suffers Disrespect.

Hollywood celebrities work so hard to be inducted into Walk of Fame but one celebrity has suffered worse humiliation that others in history as his “star” is being vandalized. People are scrapping off his name, urinating on it while some haters even let their dogs poop on him.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Image: The Hollywood Walk of Fame boasts of more than 2,500 celebrities.

Every day people walk over some 2,500 star-shaped tiles which line the floor of the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles, paying tribute to celebrities past and present.

The late boxer Muhammad Ali was famously allowed to have his star mounted on the wall because he didn’t want his name to be walked on by people who ‘have no respect’ for him.

Image: Donald Trumps giving a speech.

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And now another celeb is probably wishing their name was safely hung up somewhere just like Ali’s because haters are doing horrible things to it – they just can’t stop defacing it, urinating on it and in some cases, allowing their dogs to defecate on it.

Who is this unlucky person and why is he so hated? Maybe, it’s hard to guess. You already know by now, I suppose.


You may have guessed rightly from the picture if you knew Donald Trump, the US Republican presidential candidate – has his name on the L.A. Walk of Fame. This man who might one day become the Commander in Chief of the US Armed Forces already has too much hate on him. The recent humiliation his image is suffering in West Hollywood shows how deeply, emotions run against him.

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Residents and visitors to Los Angeles have been posting photographs of his star to social media when they notice it has been defaced – and it’s not very flattering for Trump.


Donald Trump’s star has had a ‘mute’ symbol and a swastika painted on it along with many other hate words.The name has also been showered in spit, urine and dog faeces. What a mess! He must be laughing this off somewhere, after all, a politician can’t expect anything less.

Man urinating on Donald Trump's star at the Walk of Fame

Image: A hater urinating on Donald Trump’s star.


Residents and visitors to Los Angeles have been posting photographs of his star to social media when they notice it has been defaced – and it’s happening quite often, reports confirm.

There’s been a petition to completely remove Donald Trump’s star from the Walk of Fame and many Americans are putting up signatures to it. The said petition has currently racked up 41,000 yikes.

The republican was inducted into the Walk of Fame in 2007 for his work on a TV show The Apprentice, so it had nothing to do with his politics but haters don’t think so.

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