THE MATADOR: Nigeria’s Finidi George reveals reason behind his iconic celebration

Update: Findi George, The Matador Reveals Reason Behind His Iconic ‘Hat-Celebration’🇳🇬💪🏿

“When you are signed for big money like I was in 1996, then the pressure is on you to deliver. If you are lucky to score in your first game, that reduces the pressure and for me at Betis, my first game, bam, I got a goal.

“When I scored, someone threw a hat at me but I did not know what it meant.This man, his name was Galindo, came with two or three hats to home games and gave them to the ball boys in the direction we were scoring.

“It comes from the bullfighting tradition in Spain where spectators throw hats to matadors who are fantastic.

“Galindo waited for me after the match, ran after me before I entered my car and told me that the hat was for me, that when I score a goal I should put it on.

“The next home game I scored and they threw the hat. I picked it up, put it on, and bowed before the fans who loved it, so it stuck as my celebration.”#NPFLUpdates