Texas bomber commits suicide before arrest

Following a bombing spree that ended two lives in Texas, the Austin bomber has blown himself up as SWAT team closed in on him.

Investigators said this may have been him delivering an explosive package at a Fedex center in Texas

Police identified the killer as a 24-year-old white male. He earlier shot a police officer, killed two and injured four others in a string of attacks across Austin before detonating an explosive device in his car.

A SWAT team were closing in around him in Round Rock, near Austin, when the bomb blast occurred. The force of the blast knocked one officer to the ground as another pulled out his weapon and opened fire.

“Austin bombing suspect is dead. Great job by law enforcement and all concerned!” President Donald Trump tweeted.


On Tuesday, police released CCTV footage purporting to show the bomber delivering a package to a Fedex shipping centre in San Antonio, where it later exploded.

Authorities say it’s too soon to know the suspect’s motive or whether he was working alone but FBI agent Chris Combs is concerned other explosive packages may be on the loose.

The bomb inside the package exploded at around 1am as it passed along a conveyor belt at the FedEx shipping center in Schertz, around 60 miles from Austin.

Anthony House.jpg

Anthony House, dad-of-one, was killed after a package blew up on the steps of his home

Draylen Mason.jpg

Another student in the picture above, Draylen Mason, died and his mum was seriously injured when a package exploded on their front porch ten days after Anthony’s demise.

What we know so far:

Austin bomber, as the killer is known, began his state-wide rampage on March 2 when he killed Anthony House.

Another explosion on March 13 killed 17-year-old Draylen Mason.

Three more devices had been set off since, the latest being at a Fedex centre last night
Cops appeared to have no leads to the killer, who is still unidentified.

But they traced him to hotel in Round Rock using surveillance tech and store receipts.

Austin bombing suspect blew himself up as a SWAT team approached his car on southbound Interstate 35.