TERRIFYING: Steph Curry’s relationship with Golden State Warriors owners

There is no doubt that Steph Curry is one of the most impressive NBA players of this century, having won four championships with the Golden State Warriors.

That includes the most recent one, when he managed to win the title with a reconstructed team, following the departure of Kevin Durant.

However, the directors at the Golden State Warriors are both delighted and terrified by Curry‘s success.

He is believed to have scared the front office, with the franchise’s hierarchy wary of making moves that might upset him, even if they did so by refusing to sign Avery Bradley last season.

Steph terrifies them in that front office,” an anonymous source, said to be an executive elsewhere in the Western Conference, told Sean Deveney of Heavy.com.

“I mean, within reason. Steph wanted Avery Bradley last year but they wanted Gary Payton II.

“They did not listen to him and there was no problem with that.

“I think Steph likes to have a voice but does not get caught up in dictating moves.

Klay and Draymond, though, that would be different. If they moved on from either one, they had better make a good case as to why to Steph or they can alienate him.