Teenager extorts $28,000 from his teacher after threatening to expose their sex romps

A middle school student from Dallas reportedly blackmailed his teacher Thao “Sandy” Doan into parting with $28,000 for an alleged sexual relationship.


The claimant, a former Quintanilla Middle School student in Dallas, was busted after going on a spending spree.

His mother told police earlier this month that the teenager has been receiving huge amounts of money from a female teacher. The report led to Sandy’s arrest.

According to an arrest warrant affidavit  from Dallas police, the said cash was used for “illegal purposes ” thereby creating troubles in the family.

The accused is a 27-year-old teacher at Raul Quintanilla Sr. Middle School. She was arrested last week and is facing a sexual assault charge for the alleged relationship with a minor.

Court documents released by police say the angry mother visited Sandy’s school management after this painful discovery and reported the affair. She asked whoever was sending the cash to stop immediately.

The woman also handed over some screen shots of conversations between Sandy and her prey.

Part of the messages showed her son had requested cash from his teacher, or he would gather enough evidence to expose their secret love affair.

Anit [expletive] watch ima start getting the pics and everything ready … to show the cops right I anit playing,” the messages read, according to police.

The school district’s website described Sandy as a Cross country and soccer coach.

A confessional statement from the accused teacher says she first met him on Instagram. They later shared text messages and also chatted on a social media app Kik before having sex at a public park in the summer of 2015.

She also admitted that they had frequent sex around November and December that year.

According to the affidavit, Sandy received messages from an unknown person who demanded cash and threatened to contact police with details of the relationship, if she failed to comply.

The blackmailer used different telephone lines whenever he demanded cash, and Sandy followed up with all instructions to drop off cash at any address she was given.

In December 2016, the teacher said they had sex, too.

Sandy was arrested on Friday and released from jail after posting bail.

A report from Dallas Morning News quotes the boy’s mother as telling KDFW-TV (Channel 4) that her son has been a “big trouble” for the family. He has been arrested on several occasions, thrown into jail and released for different reasons.

The boy “has been in and out of the juvenile system on burglary and robbery charges,” she said, also admitting the her son was wrong to have blackmailed his teacher for sex.

However, the teenager’s mother said Sandy should have known better than that as an adult.

She did very bad. She did bad,” the mother said, “and I’m not condoning what he did because I know he was wrong at what he also did because blackmailing is not acceptable.”