Sunak attempts to goad Starmer over Israel-Gaza vote

In one of his responses to Sir Keir Starmer, Rishi Sunak tries to bait his opponent over a vote later this evening.

Sir Keir is facing down his internal rivals later today – as some want a ceasefire, while the leadership is urging for “humanitarian pauses”.

The ultimatum to his party from Sir Keir means he may face resignations from his frontbench, or be forced to sack some of his top team.

This will come to a head later today, when MPs will vote on certain amendments to the King’s Speech – follow along with us live as events pan out.

The PM repeatedly criticises Sir Keir for supporting Jeremy Corbyn – who refused to call Hamas numerous times earlier this week.

Sir Keir points out Mr Corbyn is no longer a Labour MP – and keeps on his attacks of the PM.

‘He was the future once’: Starmer channels Cameron to criticise PM’s political agenda

Sir Keir now turns to Rishi Sunak’s political agenda, saying there have been “three reshuffles, a forgotten conference speech and a missing King’s Speech”.

He jokes that although Mr Sunak likes to think of himself as the “man from Silicon Valley”, his big plan is to turn the UK “on and off”.

He alludes to Lord David Cameron, who once goaded Tony Blair at the despatch box with the words: “He was the future once.”

In response, Mr Sunak points that he has delivered on his pledge to halve inflation.

Sunak turns on Corbyn after question on Rwanda

Next up for Sir Keir is Rwanda.

He says the prime minister “bet everything” on the scheme, and now the central pillar of his government has “crumbled”. 

He asks the PM to apologise for wasting £140m of taxpayer money on the scheme.

Mr Sunak responds by pointing out small boat crossings are down by a third – before trying to goad the Labour leader by turning to Jeremy Corbyn and his stance on Hamas. 

Mr Corbyn was asked a number of times during a midweek interview whether he would call the group a terrorist organisation – to which he refused to answer. 

Mr Sunak asks a question back at Sir Keir about his previous support for Mr Corbyn, and whether he would apologise for not standing stronger alongside Israel. 

The Labour leader says that “plan A” has failed on small boats – to which the PM replies his party wants to stop illegal migration – while Labour want to bring more people in. 

‘Is he ashamed?’ Starmer criticises PM over Suella Braverman appointment

Sir Keir starts quizzing the prime minister on Suella Braverman, who was sacked on Monday after a series of controversial comments, including that homelessness was “a lifestyle choice”, and her incendiary article in The Times accusing the police of “playing favourites” with protesters.

The Labour leader asks: “Is he ashamed that he was so desperate to become Tory leader, so scared to face a vote, that he put someone totally unfit for public office in charge of national security?”

Mr Sunak hits back that it is a “bit rich” to “take lectures” from Sir Keir, given he served in Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet.

Sir Keir points out that Mr Corbyn is no longer a Labour MP and that the party has “changed”.

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