Suarez Says He’s Motivated By Pride Not Briefcases.

Barcelona forward Luis Suarez says people should understand that his “pride is the biggest motivation”, not the ‘briefcases’.

Image shows Luis Suarez in action for Barcelona.

The controversial forward said it’s too bad that everyone seem to care more about who gets what (as merit or favor) in the build-up to Barcelona’s trip to Granada today May 14.

Granada goalkeeper Ivan Kelava was recently forced to quickly backtrack on claims that his side will be receiving bonuses from Madrid if they beat Barca. It is clear that corruption in football is hard to be controlled especially when the giants are involved.

However, Suarez has refused to believe there’ll be foul play as the Catalans play for the title at Los Carmenes.

“I’m not thinking about any of that [referring to briefcases of money],” the forward said at a Press conference.

“I believe in Granada’s pride for wanting to win and our pride in winning the League.

“I’m not one to make decisions about legalising anything [regarding the legality of briefcases]. As I said, pride is the biggest motivation.

“Each team are aware of their actions and know what they have to do.

“We have to be mentally very strong [against Granada], but we depend on ourselves.

“We’ll have 93 or 94 minutes to win the game. At some point we’ll suffer, but it’s normal and more so for the away team.

“The pride of every player is sacrificing themselves for their shirt.

“[Granada] want to win in front of their fans and we want to win for the League. It’s impossible to have more ambition than us.”