Stefano Sensi : Inter Milan must stay focused

Stefano Sensi scored the winner for Inter Milan this evening as the Nerazzurri prevailed as 1-0 victors over Udinese.

Speaking to the microphones of Inter TV after the match, Sensi said, “​I’m happy for the goal, because it’s always a unique emotion, especially in front of the fans. It was a tactic that the coach asked us to do: we tried it during the week.

“Udinese are a tough team, I am happy for the win even though some races have to be finished off quicker.

“We think match by match. Tonight, let’s celebrate this victory, but tomorrow we will reset our head because we have to prepare for another great game. We just have to do well.

“Now the difficulties are increasing: we will have a good month soon. We will have to stay focused: mental energies are those that make you stay lucid.”

On his comparison with Iniesta, Sensi said, “I​’m glad to be compared to Iniesta for me is an emotion and a stimulus to do more. But I have to keep my feet on the ground.”