Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament Salim Al-Jubouri announces new Political Party

The Speaker of the Iraqi parliament announced on Friday the launch of his new political party.

According to a report from Andolu, Salim Al-Jubouri made the announcement at a press conference in Baghdad.

“The Civil Rally for Reform,” he explained, “will seek to develop effective policies aimed at finding real solutions to the political, economic and social problems facing the Iraqi state and people.”

In his official statements, Al-Jubouri cited terrorism, displacement, unbridled emigration, poverty, unemployment, corruption and a lack of public services as the main problems now confronting Iraq.

Describing the new party as “democratic with conservative leanings,” the parliamentary official asserted that his party is taking the first step on a long road that will bring people together to serve Iraqis, Iraqi society and the Iraqi homeland.

“The comprehensive reform process sought by the Iraqi people requires a serious reading of the political arena and the aspirations of the Iraqi people,” he added.

Al-Jubouri, who has served as Speaker since mid-2014, is also a former leader of the Iraqi Islamic Party, a component of the Union of Iraqi Forces, which is considered to be the largest Sunni bloc in parliament.

Image: Salim Al-Jubouri

The new party’s launch comes amid preparations for Iraqi provincial elections in September and parliamentary polls scheduled for next year.