Silly French Sniper accidentally shoots a waiter and an official during a Presidential Speech

A sniper who served as part of President Francois Hollande’s security team will appear in court to give explanations on why he fidgeted with his rifle during a presidential speech.

President Francois Hollande

A waiter and one maintenance worker were reportedly wounded but both victims escaped death by a whisker.

According to News Australia, this miraculous incident occurred while Mr. Hollande was officiating a launch of the Paris-Bordeaux railway line, a high-speed track which is located in Villognon.

The New York Post says a bullet breezed through a tent and found its way through a waiter’s thigh before lodging into the calf of a 20-year-old employee.

Charente Libre, a French news outlet, reported that the lucky employee works with Mesea, a construction company in charge of railroad maintenance at the provincial southwest French town.

The sniper was about 300 meters away on a rooftop, but was said to be changing position when his gun’s safety lock went off for an errant shot.

Following the silly mistake, this startled sniper thought he was under attack and quickly jumped into a kitchen for safety. Unfortunately, he suffered foot injuries in the act of self defense, according to reports.

An online video showing Mr. Hollande’s speech in Villognon, captured the president as he spoke to his audience moments before a gunshot was fired. He was approximately 17 minutes into his speech at the fateful event.

The marksman’s blunder was posted on Twitter through an account belonging to the Elysee Palace.

Media reports confirm Mr Hollande briefly paused his speech, looked in the direction of the noise before saying he hoped it was nothing serious. When he confirmed no one had died from the mishap, the president resumed his speech which was delayed for only 20 minutes.

Pierre N’Gahane, a top official from Charente region, spoke with reporters near the scene, saying: “The waiter and maintenance worker’s injuries were not serious.”

N’Gahane explained that the police officer was at his regular position on a high spot when his rifle fired accidental shots. He was asked if the incident could have been a mistake and he said: “Yes, without doubt.”

He confirmed that two persons suffered minor leg injuries.

“We were able to discuss with them -the two people who suffered minor leg injuries – immediately afterward,” he said, adding that an investigation has been launched under the supervision of the local prosecutor.

“An administrative inquiry will also be carried out, and the gendarme will have to give an account of what happened,” he said.