Shocking Moment A Beautiful Chinese Girl Pooed In An Elevator.

A pretty Chinese girl’s mischief has provoked heavy criticisms around China after she was captured on a CCTV camera dropping a giant-size poop in an elevator.

The “sophisticated girl” entered a lift looking amazing with an infectious smile that would make one wonder what going on in her mind. It was later realized that her smiles was another way of saying “thank good heavens there’s no one in here”.

Shortly afterwards, the pretty girl started some kind of Michael Jackson’s break dance–moving her waist in a front and back position, touching her tummy, scratching her head and crossing her legs as if she was trying to spin. But she didn’t.

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She apparently spent some time trying to decide next to do. When she finally turned around, it was to stare directly at the camera before quickly pulling up her skirt and moving her underwear to release the stinky parcel.

The girl was pretty fast that in less than 5 seconds, she had already done the deed–as if she had training for that. She would probably win an olympic medal if that was a sport.

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By the time she moved a few steps away from her position, the CCTV was left in clear sight of a pretty girl’s smelly package as she takes a wipe to leave. What can a beautiful girl do?

Worse still, knowing for sure that the building would be evacuated in few minutes, she deserted the place immediately the elevator doors swung open, as if nothing had happened.

She would have said “it wasn’t me”, if anyone saw her walking and asked about the poop. Smart girl.

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The fashionista has suddenly become an internet celebrity of a kind on social media since her courageous act surfaced online.

It’s yet unknown whether that was a lift in a mall or an office, and the report didn’t confirm if she’s been apprehended for the act.