Shocking Announcement: BBC Presenter tells listeners live on air that he has terminal cancer

BBC radio fans who have listened to Andy Potter must be wishing life and more of it on the cancer-stricken presenter.

He told listeners during a live presentation that he has terminal cancer. Doctors said he has just a few more weeks – maybe months – to live.

The radio presenter revealed during the show that he has cancer in his liver, kidney and bowel.

Reports confirm he has worked with BBC Radio Derby’s afternoon show for a period of seven years.

The revelation has been a huge surprise for radio listeners who still marvel at Potter’s strength and courage. His numerous fans can’t believe their idol has been told he has only 5 months to live.

Potter, 55, has courageously continued with his job, receiving calls and answering questions from listeners, even from his sick bed.

Speaking on the breakfast show from his hospital bed, he said: “I honestly didn’t know how to deal with it, when someone tells you this is the end of your life.

“I even told the consultant ‘I suppose I have had better days’.

“I was told on Wednesday afternoon that I have terminal cancer.

“It is in a few places in my body, including my bowels, and I have been told I have just months left.

“My wife and son were, of course, the first people to hear the news but I wanted to get it out there to those who listen to my show and those who know me.

“It means that I won’t be going back to work at BBC Radio Derby.”

Potter also took to social media for a post which reads: “I’m not back on my show for the rest of the week as I’m back in hospital.

“There’s a fight to be had!”

“Extremely sad news about Andy Potter. My thoughts are with Andy and his family,” Duncan Dual wrote on Twitter as friends and well wishers pour out their emotions for this iconic radio presenter.

BBC Radio Derby Editor, Simon Cornes said: “We’re still coming to terms with this devastating news.

“Andy wanted to let his listeners know as soon as possible and spoke to our breakfast presenter Ian Skye from his hospital bed this morning.

“Radio Derby is a tightly-knit family and all of Andy’s friends here have both him and his loved ones in their thoughts.”

Zak Lalani shared on Twitter: “Very sad news about Andy Potter on Radio Derby.”

Janet Dean added: “So sorry to hear this Andy. You are a fighter, you’ll kick whatever it is into touch I’m sure.”

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