She was pregnant at 16 in the early 1960’s

For most of us who are not familiar with drawings, paintings or art in general, little do we care about the soaring sales of masterpieces at auctions around the globe.

“Monalisa and Picasso we know to have wowed the world with amazing arts, but others we know not.” Don’t blame anyone for caring less whether the price goes up or comes down, but having the knowledge won’t do us any harm.

Lucian Freud, Pregnant Girl, 1960-1

Recently, the highlight of art sales, and of the highest in the week, was a portrait by Lucian Freud of his lover, Bernadine Coverley, when she was pregnant in the early Sixties.

Last sold at auction in 1983 for £44,000, it was now estimated at £7 million, and, after lengthy bidding from Europe, America, Asia and Russia, it sold for £16 million.

What does it take make these paintings, do you have an idea? Why do people and organizations pay millions for an art works?

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